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Heat exchanger repaired by Quintel


Quintel has the kind of transportation equipment that's needed to smoothly and efficiently move a heat exchanger from your facility to ours and back. Our vehicles and equipment range from pickups to a 22-foot stakebed truck and an OTR flatbed truck.

All finished work leaving our shop is shipped whenever feasible on a skid, suitable for handling by overhead crane and/or forklift, with all openings covered, and prepped properly for long term storage.


Quintel thoroughly tests both our own work and any OEM equipment which we resell. Our testing equipment includes:

  • Digital Chart Recorders with Thumb Drive
  • Vacuum Pump capable of 29.9 vacuum
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Pump capable of 10,000 psi
  • 130# psi Air Tester
  • NDT (non-destructive testing) thickness tester
  • Borescope with video attachments, for corrosion detection
  • Camcorder for video recording
  • Dye Penetrant Kit
  • Helium Leak Detector Machine

All test results and any videos/DVDs produced are supplied to the customer for their records.

Fabrication and Repair Equipment

Quintel has all the equipment needed for the repair and rebuilding of heat exchangers. This includes even a tube puller that makes it feasible to extract a single tube from a heat exchange tube bundle and insert a new one.

Our welding equipment for plate and pipe fabrication includes TIG, MIG, ARC, AIR ARC and FUEL GAS welders.

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